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Enjoy Your Life Again

What Do You Love?; 4.23.23

Main Idea/Summary
God Wants to Share His Joy With You

Genesis 1:4-31 James 1:16-18


About God
What does it tell you about God that he makes the world "Good" and announces it seven times? C.S. Lewis said “We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito.” Where have you experienced God in a place others may not expect?

About Me
What do you love? (What makes your soul stand on tiptoes?) What about those things are good, perfect/mature/complete, or a gift?

Is there someone who particularly is a gift from God to you? What about them is life-giving? How could you let them know?

Where in the world do you see people that are lacking a sense of joy or experiencing God's presence? What is something you could do about that?

Make a simple plan to Pace Yourself, Name the gift, Cultivate it and Respond to it this week.

God of goodness, open our eyes to your presence in this world. We do not need to escape from it to find your presence. Help us, like Jesus to see you as a giver of good gifts. I pause right now to let a few examples come to mind of the gifts you give me.... (pause for one minute) Thank you Father. You are good. Amen.

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