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A Thrill of Hope

Christmas Eve; December 24, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
The Future is Coming and it's Good

Romans 8:18-23


About God
God promises to redeem the mess we have made through our sin. When someone sins against us, it's hard not to turn our backs on them. Why didn’t God leave us when humanity started to rebel against Him?

About Me
We all experience suffering in our lives, but God gives us hope in our suffering. Romans 8:22 mentions “pains of childbirth” metaphorically to illustrate how good things can come from pain. What are you currently suffering or struggling with? How might God take that suffering and make something good of it?

In reverse, who do you know personally that is suffering currently? How can you share God’s love with them and in turn, give them hope in this difficult time in their life?

Pastor Ron discussed how God created us to be royalty (to have authority) over His creation (nature). God is able to speak, teach and provide for us through nature. When can you make time this week to get out and be present in our Creator’s masterpiece?

Hope is the expectation of a coming of good. Be intentional this week about living and spreading hope. Name some ways you can do that when you notice yourself or others are feeling pessimistic or hopeless.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for Your promise to set all things right. May we always have hope that our future will be good, no matter what suffering we are experiencing today. Amen.

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