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Eat; 11.20.23

Main Idea/Summary
We are a blessing to people when we invite them to our table.

-Luke 5:27-32 -Romans 15:7


About God
When God comes in the flesh, he spends time eating with people who are sinners and Jesus also says he has come to call sinners to repentance. What does that tell you about God's heart? Which one of those two things is easier for you to accept and which is harder?

About Me
Who is someone that has shared a meal with you and it made a difference in your life? Why did it matter to you?

Community is often build around sharing meals together. What have been some of your favorite ways to share a meal with others? Who are your favorite people to eat with and why?

Read Romans 15:7 out loud a few times slowly. What about this verse gets your attention? Can you think of two people that are not following Jesus that you could invite to a meal? Maybe even to have to your table? What are the challenges or fears you might have about that?

Name the people that God is starting to highlight to you that you can begin praying for, listening to, and eating with. Start taking notes about what you are praying for them about and learning while you listen.

Jesus, you invite us to your table by your broken body and your shed blood on the cross. Helps us to invite others to our tables and to be trustworthy so that others might come to know you. Amen.

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