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Serve; 11.16.23

Main Idea/Summary
We can transform the world through serving others.

-Matthew 5:13-16 -1 John 3:11, 16-18 -Galatians 5:13-14


About God
Read 1 John 3:11, 16-18. What does this tell you about God's character that we see in Jesus?

About Me
What was the model of Christ and Culture that you grew up around the most? Against, Of, Above, Paradox, or Transforming? What are some ways that God has wired you to serve others naturally?

Who in your community seems naturally gifted to serve others or who has served you in practical ways? What did that look like?

Who is God calling you to serve in practical ways? How's my neighbor doing : -Physically? -Relationally? -Mentally? -Spiritually?

Name 2-8 people, who are not following Jesus, that God might be calling you to serve. Start by making a list of a few possible ideas of how you could be a blessing to them?

Jesus, you are the God who serves. Show us how to join you in how you love people and meet their needs. We want to be a part of how you are transforming the world through your power and love. Amen.

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