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Can You Keep A Secret?

“Everybody Broke Something”; August 7th, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
Brokenness is the beginning and the end of a life given as an offering to Jesus.

Mark 14: 3-9, 29-31, 51-52, 57-65, 66-72; Luke 22: 54-62


About God
Jesus upended the expectations of both the religious leaders of his day, and his own disciples. Did anything you heard about Jesus today change your expectations or understanding of him? Is there anything in your experience with God that has surprised you?

About Me
Do you ever feel, like Peter, that your faith is being attacked? Peter attacked the soldier who was arresting Jesus. Brett said that Jesus doesn’t need us to defend him, but to love others. What is your response when you feel your faith/beliefs about God being attacked?

In spite of Peter’s denials and failures, Jesus looked at him with eyes of love and acceptance. How do you feel about the fact that Jesus offers this to you as well? Is there anyone in your life who has given you anything that comes close to unconditional love?

Simon the Leper had likely been healed by Jesus. The woman who poured out her expensive perfume had likely experienced Jesus’ forgiveness. Is there any area in your life where you need healing or forgiveness? Is there anyone in your life who needs a fresh start through your forgiveness, and the healing of a relationship?

At any time in your life have you related to one/all of these three? 1. The priest who was offended by Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God (Mark 14: 60-65) 2. Peter, who is brokenhearted by his denial of Jesus (Mark 14; 27-31, 66-72) 3. The woman who lavished expensive perfume on Jesus, pouring out both her fortune and her future in worship of him (Mark 14: 3-9) How can you choose to be poured out for Jesus, in your job, disappointments, mornings, body, singleness/marriage, conflicts? What is your first step?

Oh God, we are broken, but sometimes by the wrong things. We offer up to you our failures and disappointments. Let us recognize and accept your offer of healing and unconditional love. God, we see that you do not need us to defend you, but to represent you to a hurting world that is in desperate need of your love. Your will be done. In us, through us. In Jesus name, Amen

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