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Can You Keep a Secret?

Taking Over; July 24th, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
The Kingdom of God has Come Near. Repent and Believe the Good News.

Mark 1:14-18, Mark 5:1-18, Mark 5:22-43, Mark 6:1-3, Mark 6:7, Mark 6:12, Mark 6:14-18


About God
It is not news that the world is very divided morally, politically, etc. Brett quoted Pastor Tony Evans stating: “He (God) did not come to take sides. He came to take over.” How does this change the way you view God’s authority in your own life? Is God’s relevance apparent in your life from the outside looking in?

About Me
In the book of Mark, chapter 5, Jesus healed a sickly, bleeding woman who sought him out in a large crowd. Jesus then stated to the woman, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering (Mark 5:34).” This woman had faith in Jesus, that she believed she would be healed if she just touched His clothes. In what area in your life is your faith in Jesus lacking?

Jesus gives us clear boundaries for our lives and for navigating the world in which we live. These loving boundaries are the foundation for leading a life that honors God. As Christians, it is also important for us to set clear boundaries with people in our lives. Pastor Brett stated that identity is about the boundaries. Where in your life are you lacking boundaries that scripture gives us? Who might you need to set loving boundaries with?

Jesus mingled with sinners. He invited the lost, least and left out to eat at his table. Who can you invite to YOUR table and share the good news of the Gospel with?

Mark 5:15 says to “repent and believe the good news.” Make a list of a few areas in your life where you are needing to repent and make changes. Examples) engaging in gossip, judgment of others, idolatry, etc. Pray daily this week for your heart to be transformed and implement any other spiritual practices that may help you move away from your sin and towards Jesus.

Lord, you are so relevant and so distinct from us. We are sorry for allowing our hearts to be polluted by the world and forgetting to submit to Your loving laws and the boundaries You have set for us. Open our hearts to receive Your mercy and forgiveness. Let us be challenged by Your truth so that we can move toward You. Lead us to others, so that we may invite them to Your Kingdom. Amen.

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