Message Series Group Discussion


Can You Keep A Secret?

“The Turning Point”; July 31st, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
This is the Ultimate Challenge

Mark 8:27-38


About God
Ron talked about how Jesus decontructs other people’s ideas of the Messiah and reframes them around the cross. What ideas about God have you had to change because of Jesus?

About Me
Have you thought about the two challenges of Jesus from this passage: “Who do you say that I am?” and “Take up your cross and follow me”? What does that practically look like in your life? What would it mean for you to “die to yourself” in some area of your life to follow Jesus?

Is there anyone in your community that has let Jesus change them to have a life that looks more like the cross (laying their lives down for others in love, denying themselves, following Jesus) than pursuing worldly success? What about their life sticks out to you?

Jesus was on a mission to lay his life down on the cross for others, not to be successful. Who has God put in your life that would be effected in a good way if they experienced you denying yourself and taking up your cross on a regular basis?

What is one way that you can deny yourself so that you can follow the Messiah? Maybe forgiving someone, being sacrificially generous, or pursuing the lost…. And how can this group check in with you to see how that is going?

Lord Jesus, you give us the ultimate challenge of laying our lives down and denying ourselves to be like you and to be with you. Fill us with your Holy Spirit to help us because we can not follow Jesus on our own. That is where life really is and that is where find joy in your presence. Amen.

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