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Easter at La Croix

Hope Reborn, 3.9.23

Main Idea/Summary
We find Hope in a bigger story, a companion for the journey,

Luke 24:13-32 Isaiah 53 Psalm 22


About God
If you can, watch the opening Easter Video here: What about this story sticks out to you? What does it tell you about God?

About Me
What is something you had hoped for but it didn't turn out how you wanted? How did you get through it? As you reflect, is there some way Jesus was walking with you, even if you didn't recognize him at the time?

It was in the breaking of bread that Jesus was revealed to the disciples. Who do you have around your table, who do you share your life with that has been a God-given you a companion for the journey when you have needed hope?

Who might God be calling you to walk along side that needs hope? How can you be a picture of a bigger story, encourage and open God's word, and be the presence of Jesus there?

Take time in prayer to imagine Jesus walking along side you in your times of struggle. What does he say to you as you walk along? What scripture might be open to you?

God of Hope. Your love never quits, even when we struggle to see a way forward. Open our eyes to you presence with us, teach us your word, and give us the bread of life. You are our hope. Thank you for showing us how you are making the world new through the resurrection of Jesus. Amen.

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