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He Is Our Friend; 4.2.23

Main Idea/Summary
Jesus is inviting us into committed friendship with him.

-John 15:9-15 -Matthew 11:19 -Matthew 26:50 -Luke 5:20 -John 11:11 -John 21:5 -Proverbs 27:6


About God
What about the sermon stuck out to you this week? When you think about God, what images from scripture come to mind most naturally? (King, Father, Husband, Friend, Judge...)

About Me
Read John 15:9-15. In describing the SERVANT VS. FRIEND relationship with God, Brett talked about the servant relationship as being centered production and earning, while friendship is centered on commitment and shared love. In what ways might you try to produce for God or earn God's favor by your actions?

5On the list that Brett gave about things that build friendship, what do you already do with others in your community and what is more difficult for you? -Enjoyment, Commitment, Time, Generosity, Trust/Vulnerability Brett's friend Trevor said that then we have Jesus as the center of a friendship, everything else works around that. Friendships like that can be hard to build. Do you have any friendships like that or relationships that you can grow in that direction?

Who in your life would benefit from knowing God as a friend? What are some practical ways you could share friendship with them?

What are some ways you can practically invest in a friendship with Jesus this week? How can a group encourage you or check in on you about those things?

Jesus, friend of sinners, thank you for wanting to walk with me. Help me to receive your friendship and commit to walk with you every day. You give us your love even when our love fails, you redeem us even when we sin, you are always ready to forgive us. You are our greatest friend. Thank you, Jesus.

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