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For Us

He Stands Beside Us 6.18.23

Main Idea/Summary
When we fall, Jesus rises to our defense.

1 John 1:5-2:2


About God
If sin is serious enough that Jesus had to die, what does that teach you about God’s love for you? How does that affect the way you see God in your current sin struggles?

About Me
In which areas have you felt condemned by others, or maybe even by God? How does this week’s message about Jesus standing alongside you and advocating for you right in the middle of your struggle change your view?

So many others think that God is condemning them and doesn’t want them. How might you coming alongside them in their struggles teach them something new about God?

Who is in your circle of influence that needs to know Jesus as his or her advocate? What could you tell them this week about Jesus to encourage them?

When you are tempted to condemn yourself for sin this week, don’t listen to the accuser. Instead, right in that moment, turn to Jesus your Advocate and picture him standing beside you with his arm around you. Let his love transform the way you treat yourself.

Father God, we praise you for sending Jesus to stand beside us as our advocate. We confess that we often fall into temptation from the accuser, then listen to his accusations after we sin. But we want to trust you more in our struggles to overcome sin. May we remember you are always by our side, defending us and never leaving us alone. May we follow your example, Jesus, as we live in new ways according to your Word. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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