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Humility in Jesus' Life; February 27, 2023

Main Idea/Summary
We follow a humble God

Psalm 131:1-2, Matthew 11:27-30, Matthew 16:24, Isaiah 40:28-31, John 5:30


About God
Jesus had all power but he was not harsh, selfish, manipulative or reactionary. How does He differ from many leaders or those in positions of power in the world today?

About Me
Throughout Scripture, it is illustrated that Jesus did not seek to please Himself and was not here to impose His will, but God’s. Pastor Ron quoted A. Murray; “Humility is nothing but the simple consent of the creature to let God be all..” In what areas of your life are you self-seeking or imposing your own will vs. that of the Lord?

Humility is a quality very unique to Jesus. In Matthew 11:29 Jesus describes himself as “gentle and humble in heart.” Would you describe yourself as humble? What about the people around you? Would they describe you as humble?

Pastor Ron describes Jesus as the most understanding person in the universe. He does not point the finger, but comes to us with open arms. Who in your life have you been less than understanding with? Who are you pointing the finger at? Pray about it and make time this week to intentionally see this person or group through the eyes of Jesus.

Matthew 5:5 says “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Everything we have has been given to us by the Lord. Make a list of the things you’ve been given or qualities you have been blessed with that have made it possible for you to achieve/receive the things you have. Remember to allow your blessings to flow to others.

Lord, we thank You for being humble, gentle and understanding at heart. You understand our burdens, exhaustion, shortcomings and You carry it all for us. Thank you for leading us to lie in green pastures and for giving us rest for our souls. We love you, Father. Amen.

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