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The Triumphal Entry; 4.2.23

Main Idea/Summary
Humility and Peace go together

John 12:12-15 John 12:12-13 Zechariah 9:9-10 Psalm 118:13-14, 25-27


About God
Read our passages from John 12 and Zechariah 9. Jesus was deeply confusing to people because he never fit in the categories that they had for him. How does this picture of Jesus challenge you? We saw the quote from John Cassian (circa 400 A.D.), "We must learn to feel in each action both our weakness and the help of God". Where you in your life have you deeply felt your own weakness and experienced the help of God?

About Me
Brett said: We ask "how can I get what I want?", He asks "how can I lay my life down?". Where in your life are you trying to get what you want in your personal life, at work or school, church, or in the world? How might you be able to lay your life down for others instead?

Who are you in relationship with that is challenging to serve in love? Who's expectations in your community might you need to violate to live like Jesus who loves his enemies?

What person or group in the world do you tend to feel is deeply wrong about important things? How might you move towards them in love to forgive and serve them with gentle boldness?

Over the next week, take time to read these passages several times as we approach Good Friday and Easter. Ask the Lord in prayer, "how can I follow you and be a single seed that goes into the ground and dies so that others might find life?"

God of the triumphal entry, that you for challenging our understanding of how peace is made by giving your life away. Teach us to reject the ways of the world that are built on sin and try to dominate one another like Cain, and teach us to offer our lives as a sacrifice like Jesus. Amen.

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