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La Croix at the Movies

Encanto; 10.15.22 & 10.16.22

Main Idea/Summary
There is Life after Awful

Ephesians 2:14-16, Philipian 3:10-14; Isaiah 53:3-5


About God
Jesus moved toward the cross and let the world break him so we could have a restored relationship with him. How does this truth encourage you in regards to revisiting your past (tragedy, difficulty, hurt) with Jesus at your side?

About Me
We all use coping mechanisms to deal with our pain. Which one are you most likely to use and why: being strong, perfection, moodiness, shape shifting, focusing on other’s lives, control, repression or something else?

Mirabel returned to the place of tragedy with her grandmother to start doing the hard work of rebuilding community. Who needs you to sit with them in their pain?

As Christians, we are called to not ignore pain, but to go to the place of wounding, see what God wants to do there, and rebuild with one brick at a time in community. In which situations does God want you to do this kind of work?

We all have truth we need to hear but don’t want to hear. This week, pray that God will give you the courage to deal with your unhealthy coping mechanisms. Then ask a trusted, godly family member or friend to speak the truth in love to help you heal and grow.

Father God, we praise you for the gifts of healing and community. We praise you, Jesus, for letting our sin break you so we can have a renewed relationship with you. We confess that we often hide behind coping mechanisms rather than drawing close to you and others to become whole. Give us the courage to face the hardest things in our pasts so we can glorify you as new creations and inspire others to find wholeness in relationship with you. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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