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More Than A Wish List

Pause; November 26&27, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
When we take time to Pause, we can connect with God in prayer

Psalm 46; Psalm 23


About God
Read Psalm 46. Jeffery mentioned that in Psalm 46, when it says to "be still and know that I am God", this can be a peaceful invitation but carries more of the idea of a forceful comment to cease from our frantic pace and give our attention to the God of the universe. What are some things that help you slow down, pause, and focus on God? What are something that tend to distract you?

About Me
What are two words you would use to describe your current prayer life? What are two words you would use to describe the prayer life you want to have? When you think about prayer, what comes to mind?

Who is someone that you could take time to pray with this week? This is often uncomfortable but so needed.

What would someone who regularly takes time to pause and focus on God's presence have to offer the world that is often frantic and focused on worldly things?

When you pray this week, set a two minute timer when you start. Pause before you speak to breath and recenter your scattered senses on God's presence with you. At the end of the week, take note of how that effected your prayer life.

(set a two minute timer to pause and breathe slowly, then read psalm 23 as a prayer) God of the quiet, help my heart and mind be still. I want to focus on you. Would you reveal your presence to me in the pauses. I want to be with you. Amen.

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