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Pentecost Sunday

The Future is Now; 5.28.23

Main Idea/Summary
The Holy Spirit brings the life of tomorrow into today.

-Ephesians 1:9-14, 2:8, 4:14-24, 6:11-13 -1 Corinthians 1:18 -Joel 2:28-29


About God
Read Ephesians 1:9-14. God made it KNOWN to us the mystery of His will. He didn’t leave it to us to figure out on our own. What does this say about who God is (specific characteristics/qualities)?

About Me
Pastor Ron discussed how old habits, the pulling of our old lives, can hinder the Spirit of the Lord in the present. What old habits/ways of living or thinking are you at risk for reverting back to without the sanctification of Jesus?

Even as Christians, we may sometimes find ourselves making enemies out of those who live differently than we do. We know that Satan is the true enemy and will try to convince us that we are too far gone/that God doesn’t love us. Who in your life do you know that may be falling victim to the lies of the enemy? (This could even be yourself.) What are some ways you can share God’s truth with them?

God expects us to show others what living life in the Spirit is like. What are some tangible ways you share the Spirit with others?

Spiritual maturity discourages stagnance and entails always moving toward Jesus. What is your next step? List some ways you can continue to grow in your faith and lead others to do the same.

Lord, thank You for loving us without conditions. Thank You for allowing us to experience the gift of Your Spirit so that each day, we get a taste of the Kingdom of Heaven, our ultimate gift from You. In Your Holy Name we pray, Amen

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