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Something’s Missing - Recapturing the Lost Art of Relationships

Church Hurt; September 17/18, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
Speaking the Truth in Love is the start of maturity

Ephesians 4:1-16; Isaiah 61:1-3


About God
Most of the New Testament content was recorded because there were problems in local churches. What does this fact tell you about God’s heart for his people during the past 2,000 years? Read Isaiah 61:1-3 slowly, which parts stick out to you and show you God's heart for the hurting?

About Me
It’s not fair that we bear the weight of church hurt, but we must take responsibility for our own healing. What areas of church hurt need healing in your heart? Based on the ideas in the sermon, which steps do you need to take to seek healing?

If we’re going to engage in community, we will be wounded and we will also wound others. How might this truth help you move forward and hold you accountable at the same time?

Who do you know that has been hurt by the church? If you were to share the truths from this sermon with them, which points could benefit them most based on what you know about their story?

Speaking the truth in love is one of the hardest things we need to do. But it is the biblical way to both heal and prevent church hurt. Who do you know that is good at speaking the truth in love? How might you follow their example?

Dear God, we praise you for the gift of your church. You do so many good things through the church even with its imperfections. But we know that many people have caused hurt in the church. Some have hurt us, and we have hurt others. We bring all that hurt to you today, Father. Heal our hurts and heal those whom we have hurt. Teach us how to move forward with hope so we don’t stop our fellowship with others. May we speak the truth in love to break the cycles of pain and distrust. May a commitment to unity begin with us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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