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Something’s Missing

“Doing the Work”; September 24/25, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
We must move ideas and feelings to action

Romans 5:6-8; 11:33-36; 12:9-18; Philippians 4:2-3; John 13:34-35


About God
In this sermon we talked about how God “puts in the work” for us. Read Romans 5:6-8. What does that tell you about God, that he makes the move to action for the sake of relationships with his people?

About Me
Are you more of an action oriented person or an ideas/feelings oriented person? Can you name a relationship in the past that you have put int he work to strengthen?

Who in you life have “put in the work” for you by intentionally investing you? Which relationships in your community/family/neighborhood… are going well that you can strengthen and can you name one or two that need attention from you?

Read Romans 12:9-18. Which parts of this stick out to me as challenging and/or that God might be leading me into? Which external actions come easily to me an which ones are difficult?

We were given cards to write out WHO, GOAL, and ACTION in the categories of EASY, STRETCH, CHALLENGE. Take time to pray, reflect, and finish those commitments.

Holy God, you have pursued us and loved us all the way to the cross and the empty tomb. Help us to follow you by moving from only ideas and hopes to actions and practical investment in one another. Make us like Jesus, we want to follow you. Amen

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