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Something's Missing

Rupture and Repair; September 10/11, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
There is hope and a way forward for ruptured relationships.

Luke 15:11-28; Psalm 51


About God
When you read Luke 15:11-28, what is it that sticks out to you about the Father or other character in the story? God is shocking in this story, he gives his inheritance, he forgives the younger son and so on. When Ron said "love only possess what it releases" to describe God,

About Me
There are 3 critical elements in repair of relationships. 1) Someone must take the first step 2) Confess the wrong doing 3) the confession is received. In a relationships that is in need of repair, which stage is the hardest for you?

Can you think about a time when you have had to forgive someone? What about a time when you have had to ask for forgiveness?

Disappointment, brokenness and heart ache are going to happen in our relationships. Is there a relationship that comes to mind that currently is ruptured and God might be inviting you to repair?

Take 2 minutes to be quiet and let the Holy Spirit bring to mind a relationship that you can help repair, either one you have done wrong, you have had wrong done toward you, or both. Share with each other one step you will take this week to move in that direction if possible.

Jesus, make us like the Father. You ran to us to bring us home in forgiveness and love despite our sin.

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