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Something’s Missing

“Something’s Missing”; August 21, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
We were created for connection with others

Genesis 2:18-20; Acts 2:42-47


About God
In Genesis 2 God says everything is good except that someone was alone even though they had perfect relationship with God. God says that it’s not enough and that we need other people. What might it tell you about God that you were created for connection?

About Me
Can you name one relationship that made you better and tell us about it?

Read Acts 2:42-47 slowly two or three times. What part of this passage sticks out to you? What is it about that part of the passage that gets your attention?

Is there someone or a group of people in your life that you think might be lacking good connection and relationships? What could you do about that over the next week or two?

Could you either 1) Stay for Q&A after one of the services next week to participate, observe, and pray for others to learn about the questions in our community 2) reach out to someone who might be needing a positive connection with another person or 3) ask God to help you identify one relationship you would like to focus on during this series?

God, you are the King of the Universe and you could have made us to only need or want connection with you but you have made us to need connection with others. Thank you for being selfless, humble, and wanting us to love one another. Help us to be a church that creates space for people to know that they are loved and that you are with us. Amen

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