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Something’s Missing

The Inner Circle; October 1/2, 2022

Main Idea/Summary
Disciples need to be with Jesus together

Mark 3:13-14; Mark 5:35-42; Mark 9:2-8; Mark 14:37-38, Matthew 18:20


About God
Matthew 18:20 says “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” What do you think Jesus meant by this? In other words, why do you think that is? Why do you think Jesus had a “band” with Peter, James, and John?

About Me
Read Mark 5:35-42. Jesus tells the father of the little girl who was presumed dead, “Don't be afraid. Just believe” before he wakes her. Where in your life are you struggling to release fear and just believe?

The stories in the book of Mark make it evident that Jesus was very close to His disciples Peter, James and John? Do you have people in your life that you have built friendships/relationships like this with? Who is YOUR Peter, James and John? How can you make them feel closer to Jesus when they are with you?

Pastor Ron discussed American culture and how we are prone to suffer alone. Jesus faced his own trials and in His agony, he needed his disciples to be with Him. Can you think of anyone you know that may be suffering alone? How can you support them?

Our calling is to be with Jesus. Spending time with Him is how we learn the most about how He is at work in our lives. Are you aware of His work in your life? Set aside time each day this week to pray and be with Him. The Lord is always moving– “Keep watch.” In other words, be spiritually alert/awake.

Jesus, we thank You for the community and the mission You have given us. Lord, we want a life that involves picking up our cross and denying ourselves in Your name. Let others see You when they are with us. Bring people into our lives that do the same for us. We love You. Amen

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