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The Fear Dance

The Fear Dance 7.30.23

Main Idea/Summary
We can learn to respond with love rather than fear

1 John 4:16-20 Mark 14:46-50 Matthew 26:36-44 Luke 11:11-13


About God
Jesus did not step into the fear dance during his biggest struggle. How does Jesus’ example in the Garden of Gethsemane inspire, encourage, or challenge you?

About Me
The fear dance has four steps: hurt, want, fear, and response. Where do you see this dance playing out in your life right now? How might asking the Holy Spirit for help change your response?

When you think of your family, workplace, or neighborhood, what are the most common hurts, wants, fears, and responses? How might you be an agent of love in these situations?

When we don’t handle the fear cycle well, we only focus on the other person or entity, even blaming them for our responses. When are you tempted to blame others? This week, make it your mission to ask God how you are contributing to the problem when you are tempted to cast blame.

Brainstorm how you might show love to your neighbor in your responses - list practical examples. Then commit to taking action on those ideas this week.

Father God, we praise you that Jesus is our ultimate example. He did not step into the fear cycle but showed us how to overcome it. We confess that we often fall prey to our hurts, wants, and fears before asking you for help. We frequently respond in unloving ways, and we ask for your forgiveness. Please help us name our fears and surrender our wills to you. Grow greater love in us while helping us overcome our fears. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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