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The Speed of God

Silence; 1.14.23

Main Idea/Summary
We be with God in the silence

-Psalm 62:1-5 (ESV) -Luke 5:14-16 -Job 13:5 -Job 40:3-4 -Psalm 131


About God
What stuck out to you from this sermon? Why? Have you ever experienced God speaking to you (through scripture, in worship, a sermon, during prayer, through another person...) Have you ever felt like God was silent? What was that like?

About Me
When you think about silence, what comes to mind? The chart that Brett made talked about two tensions and four quadrants. How would you describe yourself using that framework? Read Psalm 62:1-5. Have you ever felt like that?

In Job 13:5, he tells his friends that what he could use from them is the presence and their silence, not their answers, because what he is going through is so difficult. Is there anyone in your community that you could love by being present but not bringing answers?

Read Luke 5:14-16. When Jesus was on mission, he still took time "often" to be alone with the Father in "lonely places". As you live as an everyday missionary in the world, what would be different if you took more time to be alone with the Father. What would you have to say "no" to? What about how you live would be better?

Read Psalm 131 slowly two or three times. Set a times for a few minutes (2-10). Close you eyes and sit comfortable letting your breath slow down and become deeper. Give God your undivided attention as you sit in silence. When your mind drifts, simply come back to Him when you notice, maybe saying something simple like "Jesus" or "I am yours" as you come back to God. When the timer goes off, thank God for his presence with you.

God of the silence, you will give us your answer one day in a resounding shout of triumph when you come to live with us forever in the New Heaven and New Earth, when all things are made right. But for now, when you seem quiet, teach us to be still with you. Like a weaned child with its mother we are quiet and content with you. Amen.

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