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The Speed of God

Walk; 1.7.24

Main Idea/Summary
Walking with God is about Pace and about Direction

Psalm 23:1-4 Jeremiah 6:16 John 16:33


About God
What stuck out to you about this sermon? What does it say to you about God that he is often described as walking?

About Me
Read Psalm 23 out loud, slowly. How would you describe the pace of your life? Do you sense that you get to walk with God or is it more of a dash to keep up?

What practices in your life help you grow a sense of community and connection with others? What practices make community difficult? Who might be able to adopt a slower pace with you?

Ron said "Life is hard. Full Stop." We do not get around the difficulty of life, God walks through difficulty with us. Who in you world is going through difficulty and could use someone to walk with them through it? What can you do to come alongside them and be the presence of God for them?

What practice could you engage in or stop engaging in to find a walking-pace with God?

Jesus, the God who shows up to walk, walk with me. Lead me as a shepherd leads their sheep beside quiet waters. Make me lie down in green pastures. Restore my soul. And when you lead me into dark valleys, hold me close as we walk forward together. Amen.

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