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Patience: How Hard Can it Be

The Weight of Time 5.21.22 & 5.22.22

Main Idea/Summary
We get to reject the ways of the world and restore a patient kingdom of a patient king.

I Cor. 13:1-4a; James 5:7-8


About God
The world really does revolve around Jesus, who is infinitely patient. But we often think time needs to revolve around us. How could remembering this truth about God help you in moments when you feel impatient? What does it say about God that he values patience?

About Me
The New Balance ad campaign says: “Impatience is a virtue. When you know what you want, waiting isn’t an option.” In which areas of your life do these ideas prove true? What practical steps will you take to change these areas?

There is not much patience in our culture, but lots of the opposite. In what ways could your acts of patience shine light into specific areas of your community? Is there anyone in your community that has a “slow-soul” or knows how to live with patience? What about their live makes you notice that?

What voices in your life help you with patience? This week, seek out one new voice to keep you in pursuit of this biblical virtue. Discuss ideas with your group.

Brett uses fountain pens, loose leaf tea, and poetry to develop a “slow soul.” Every day this week, choose one activity that forces you to slow down for a few moments and focus on God and his will for your life. Invite God into that moment and let the waiting be holy time.

Father God, we praise you for your infinite patience. You are never in a hurry, and hold the whole universe together. May we remember this when we are tempted to be impatient and selfish. Help us choose practices that cultivate a slower pace so we can be more in tune with your will for our lives. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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