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Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters, 6-12-22

Main Idea/Summary
Jesus pulls us past the parts of our stories that get us stuck and ground us in the reality of his love.

John 5:1-9


About God
Read John 5:1-9. What sticks out to you about Jesus in this passage? What does it say about God that Jesus takes time to ask “Do you want to be made well?”

About Me
What are things in my mind in heart that Jesus would want to heal, parts of your story that you can get stuck on? What are the lies that I believe sometimes? Do you tend toward Self Acceptance of Self Improvement to fix your problems? What are the truths that can ground me in reality when that happens?

Who in your life has helped you or others grow towards wholeness and healing? Who has been like Jesus in your community to care for people that are stuck?

s there anyone in your life that has trouble connecting with the truth? Like the older brother on the phone with his sister, is there some way that you can invites time and attention in them this coming week?

Take 15 minutes in prayer with a journal and name the things in your story that you can get stuck on and ask Jesus what he would like to say about each those.

Jesus, thank you that you are more interested in our healing that we are. You want to address our deepest needs to bring your love and power. Help us to offer you our disfunction and brokenness and help us to care for others like you do. You are the King of Glory, helps us to get up, take our mat, and walk in resurrection life. Amen

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