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Forgiveness: Promise and Process 8.20.23

Main Idea/Summary
The places where we have been offended can be where we meet with a holy God.

Romans 12:17-21 Mark 11:22-25 Matthew 18:21-22


About God
Read Mark 11:22-25. Ponder this statement - “The power of God working in you will empower you to forgive.” How does this fact encourage, comfort, or challenge you?

About Me
In which relationship are you carrying unforgiveness that is spilling out in anger or irritation because the load you are holding is too heavy? How could Jesus’ direction to forgive completely, and forgive completely again even in the little things, improve this relationship?

In which situation have you said to yourself, “I can be nice to them if they are nice to me.” In which practical ways is God asking you to take this further and show love to those who offend you?

Your mission is not to be isolated or loveless. Your mission is to be connected with others, which means forgiveness is a prepaid requirement. How might a shift in your mission affect positive change in your circles of influence (marriage, family, work, school, etc.)?

This week, how will you put the process of forgiveness into action? Which step will you focus on most: 1) naming the wrong 2) naming the effects of the wrong 3) remembering the cross 4) releasing the person from their wrongs 5) asking for God’s help to change your heart?

Father God, we praise you for empowering us to forgive. You make it possible to move mountains of unforgiveness through prayer. We often hold onto unforgiveness, and we confess this before you today. Please help us work through the process of forgiveness so we can be closer to you and have better relationships with others. May our choices to forgive inspire healing and hope in our homes, workplaces, and communities. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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