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Join The Party. 8.27.23

Main Idea/Summary
We can be unoffendable when we see ourselves and God clearly.

Luke 15:1-3, 25-32 John 3:16-17


About God
How we see God changes how we engage with everything. What about God's heart sticks out to you as you read Luke 15:25-32? What do you think the Father would say to you today and what prevents you from enjoying the grace and the party that God wants to give you?

About Me
We can be offend able because of how we see ourselves. Do you tend to have "pig sty lostness" or "older brother lostness"? Ron said that anger often comes from unmet expectations. What are expectations you have had of others that didn't get met and it offended you?

Who in your community have you had a hard time loving because of the bad choices they have made? Is there someone that God might want you to celebrate and love, even if they have made bad choices, because that is what he does?

Ron talked about how the older brother should have gone looking for the younger brother but apparently chose not to. Who is someone or a group of people that you know of that are "pig sty" lost and could use someone to care about them?

What is one major takeaway from this sermon series for you and how might God be calling you to respond? What are a few practical ways that you can grow in being unoffendable so that you can join the party of God's grace?

Heavenly Father, you stand at the end of road looking for us, you run to us and welcome us home. You also plead with us to come in and join the party of your grace. Help us to see our lostness and surrender to your extravagant love for ourselves and for others. You say to us "you are always with me and everything I have is yours." Help us to believe that and to follow you always and to live in your home with you for forever. Amen.

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