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Let Things Go; 8.14.23

Main Idea/Summary
Step out of it quickly. Talk to God about it. Do Good

Genesis 4:3-7 James 4:1-2 Psalm 10:1 Ephesians 4:42-5:2 Romans 12:17-21 Colossians 3:8


About God
When God comes to Cain, he comes asking questions like "Why are you angry?" What does this tell you about God? God tries to care for Cain by telling him that sin is wanting to devour him. Where in your life might God be warning you because he loves you?

About Me
Of the three steps Ron talked about in dealing with anger (Step out of it quickly. Talk to God about it. Do Good), which is the hardest for you? Cain refused to talk to God about his anger while the writers of the Psalms are often so open about their anger its startling. What could be different about your prayers around the things that make you angry?

Read Romans 12:17-21. Of the actions that are mentioned, what might God be calling you to live out in your community? Ron shared a story about his mother's transformation after surrendering to Jesus. Do you know anyone who has been changed by the Holy Spirit to have less anger and offense in their life?

We are invited to "Do Good" in place of being offended in response to our anger. Ron said that the emotion of anger is not bad in itself, but announces the need for change. How we respond to that emotion is what is good or bad. Where in your life can you act for change in a way that looks like Jesus and do good for others?

Read one Psalm a day for the next week. Notice what emotions are honestly expressed to God. Write down your own prayer, one a day, and let God engage with what you are experiencing, especially your anger, and ask him to help you to do the good thing he is calling you to.

Holy Spirit, you gave us the desire for change. Help us to respond to the need for change in our own lives and hearts rather than turning on others in anger. Thank you for loving us and wanting the best for us. Help us to talk to you about what we experience so that we can live in a way that makes the earth more like heaven. Amen.

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