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Envy; 2.18.24

Main Idea/Summary
Everything we envy in others reveals an insecurity in us.

-Luke 12:13-34 -Proverbs 3:31 -Proverbs 23:17 -Proverbs 24:1 -Romans 13:11-14


About God
Though envy is rarely thought about or discussed in our culture, Jesus is concerned about what envy does to our souls. What does this tell you about his heart for us?

About Me
Be honest - what causes envy in your heart? What insecurities are feeding your envy, coveting, or jealousy of others?

What changes could happen in your community if dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people took Jesus’ words seriously to be generous instead of envious?

How might you transform one of your answers to the About Me question into a mission to help others?

What plan will you put in place this week to help your generosity become more regular or automatic?

Father God, we praise you for being so generous with us. We confess we often forget the many blessings you give us and instead envy others for what they have. We even deny that we are envious or make excuses for our behavior. But you know us and love us, and want more for us. Show us how to be generous with our time, talents, and treasures. May our hearts be at peace as we practice generosity instead of envy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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