Message Series Group Discussion


Where the Light Is

In Here; 12.17.23

Main Idea/Summary
Faith helps us live in the tension

-Psalm 130 -John 1:1-18


About God
When has God stretched you most between the poles of what you know you should do and who you really are? What did that experience teach you about God’s character?

About Me
When are you most likely to seek what is comfortable, rather than asking God what he’s trying to teach you through the tension you’re experiencing?

“Advent is for those who are waiting.” Who do you know is waiting on something important? How might you encourage them this week?

Who could benefit most from watching you surrender to God’s will for your life? Make it your mission to tell that person this week about how you are surrendering to God.

Identify your current area of highest tension. Ask God to shine his light on it each day this week, opening yourself to his work in you.

Father God, we praise you for shining your light in our lives. You love us as we are now, yet stretch us to become more like Jesus every day. Though we aren’t always thankful for the tension this growth process creates, we trust that you are working all things together for our good. Show us areas of darkness in our lives where we need to surrender to your will. May we receive your grace and your truth as we open our hearts to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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