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Where The Light Is

Out There; 12.10.23

Main Idea/Summary
Advent beings where human potential ends.

-Isaiah 3:13-15 -Isaiah 5:7-9 -Luke 3:10-16 -Isaiah 8:22-9:6 -Isaiah 58:6-8


About God
What about this sermon sticks out to you? Read the passages from Isaiah. What does it say about God and his heart? What is uncomfortable/challenging and what is comforting?

About Me
Where have you sensed and experienced the darkness in the world? Do you tend toward distraction and business or towards using human potential to change things? When you see John the Baptist's confession that he is not the Messiah, how does that impact you?

What are some ways you see light shining in your community? Where are some places that currently need to experience God's presence and love?

What are your personal relationships like with the poor and the marginalized at this time in your life? Read the passages from Luke 3. What would God have you do in response to this? Who in your town has needs that you can meet practically?

Ask the Holy Spirit how you can except that even though we cannot completely fix the world, how can you do your part right now. Write those things down and make a schedule for your week with this in mind.

Jesus, you are the God of Advent, the God of waiting, the God of the in between. Help us to follow you toward the light in the world and yet acknowledge the darkness that needs to be pushed back a behalf of the poor and marginalized in our world. Help us to know their names and face like you do, to share what we have, and to reexamine our lives for the sake of others. It is in your name we pray, Amen.

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