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Where's God Now?

Heartbrokenness; January 29th, 2023

Main Idea/Summary
When Jesus meets us in our heartbrokenness, we see his glory and love.

John 11:1-6, 28-37; 12:1-3


About God
Read the scripture from John 11. It is a strange thing that Jesus waited days to respond to his friend's very real need, and yet he ends up bringing a miracle that no one expected. What questions does that stir up for you about God, his character, or his way of doing things?

About Me
Ron talked about Mary's disappointment with Jesus. When have you been disappointed with God's lack of action in your life? Has there been a time when you have been surprised by how Jesus did show up and come through for you? If so, how did you respond?

In the scripture (John 11:44) it makes note of Jesus' command to the people gathered around the tomb to help Lazarus. Is there anyone in your community that needs your help to be able to live into what Jesus is doing in their life?

As the Holy Spirit to bring to mind someone or a group of people that are far from God, that you might be experiencing some disappointment with God. How can you, in big or small ways, be the presence of Jesus in their lives?

Take time, like Mary in John 12, to give God glory this week for the ways he has provided for you, shown his glory, and brought healing to your life. Share with the group how you might do that intentionally.

Lord Jesus Christ, God of the impossible, we want to give you glory. You do not do things the way we want or when we want, but you will do what is best. Help us to call on you like Martha and Mary and help us to give you our worship. You are the God who weeps and yet raises the dead, the God who waits and the God who moved in power. Come, Lord Jesus. We want you to visit us today. Amen.

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