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Where's God Now?

Job, Senseless Suffering, January 7/8, 2023

Main Idea/Summary
When we can't get answers, God gives us his presence

Job 1-2, 16:2-3, 7-12, 30:18-24, 31:35, 40:1-6, 42:4-6, 9. Romans 5:6-10


About God
What stuck out to you about the the sermon this week? It was not a typical approach to the book of Job. What do you think about the idea of God knowing that we can't carry the unjust suffering in the world, so he ends up carrying it with us and for us in Jesus?

About Me
Where have you had to carry suffering in your life? How has it changed you in good and bad ways?

Where in your group of friends and family is there unjust pain? Job's spouse and friends did not do a good job when they were arguing and giving answers. Have you seen people care for each other well? What makes you feel cared for by your community?

As you think about people who are not followers of Jesus, is what ways can we come alongside the hurting in the world that could show people who Jesus is?

Who is someone that you can be a presence for in their difficulty? Maybe like Jesus, not to give answers but to be with people in the struggle and to carry it with them.

Lord God, you exist in eternal glory and power. But you have preferred to leave heaven and be with us in Jesus so that you could carry our pain. Thank you God, that you know we are weak, but you make a new way to be with you and live in a New Creation forever through the resurrection of your son, Jesus. Amen.

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