Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Loving others is core to following Jesus, yet the church is often no more loving than the rest of the world. Emotionally Healthy Relationships (EHR) equips people with practical relationship skills to love others like Jesus.

In this course, we’ll discover and practice skills ranging from learning how to have healthy expectations to understanding the patterns of our past to developing tools for mature conflict in all areas of life. Join us and learn how to love like Jesus.

The next round of EHR begins in the Fall of 2024.

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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality explores some of the deepest aspects of life and faith in a safe, welcoming environment. EHS has propelled countless Christians into a deep journey of discovering what it means to be spiritually mature with God, others, and ourselves.

The next round of EHS begins Thu, Feb 15, 2024. 

What EHD Participants Are Saying

“My favorite part of EHR is the community created at my table and the open/vulnerable conversations we share. It helps to do life with others and learn from on another.”

“This course was a WONDERFUL tool to add to my tool belt for the walls that I will come against. Instead of spending my energy on anxiety and stress, ideally, I will recognize that this is a test to draw me closer to Christ and lean in for the ride.”

“This is the hardest course I have ever taken. It has really made me think on some things and that is tough. But I do truly want to go forward. I appreciate all of [my fellow tablemates]. All of us are really different, but I have learned from each of you and I am glad we had the guts to share things.”