Easter at La Croix

  Sat, Mar 30, 24 - Sun, Mar 31, 24

  All Day

In life’s most challenging moments, from fear and illness to sadness, the deepest shadow we face is often the fear of loss. Yet, a powerful message of hope shines brightly through this darkness: the promise of new beginnings and healing found in the message of Jesus.

This hope tells us the story isn’t over, even in our darkest times. It’s about the healing power of Jesus, transforming our most profound fears into moments of joy and our scars into symbols of victory. It reminds us that, through Jesus, we find the strength to overcome and the assurance that after the darkest nights, joyous mornings await.


  • Sat 5:30pm
  • Sun 8*, 9:15 & 11am
  • *Full children’s programming at all experiences except Sun at 8am


  • Sun 10:30am


  • Sat 5:30pm
  • Sun 9:15 & 11am