Worshiping online is new territory.

Here are some tips to help you engage…



Find a space in your home and set it up with the two or three things that make your environment comfortable. Do you need candles? Your journal? Your favorite blankie? Whatever it is – when you have these 3-4 items set up a certain way – that will signify it is time to worship, wherever you are.


Being at home creates opportunities for a whole multitude of distractions! Treat online worship like you would in-person worship. Keep it sacred. Don’t try to multi-task. Don’t do the dishes, while cooking lunch, updating your social media status while checking your email with worship on in the background. That’s a recipe for treating worship like entertainment. Turn off whatever devices you aren’t using to stream worship and stick to your dedicated space or environment.


Speaking of entertainment, watching TV is something we are all very comfortable with. We’ve probably even perfected those skills over the past couple of months! Because of that, we will need to intentionally and actively change our mindset. Remind yourself, “This isn’t a show. This isn’t entertainment. This is an opportunity for me to worship the living God.”


If you aren’t comfortable with your singing abilities, singing out with only a few people in the room only highlights those insecurities. It might feel awkward singing in your living room or sitting at your breakfast table. But here’s the deal. God doesn’t care whether or not you are singing on key. He loves the sound of your voice. So celebrate God. Worship him. Sing loud, knowing that people across states and countries are singing along with you! Remember… even a joyful noise is music to God’s ears!

get your whole family involved

Enjoy La Croix at Home with your kiddos with weekly resources and updates posted in the virtual lobby before worship starts and in the chat before the message. Create this memory with them. Make worship an important part of your week and use the shared experience to have conversations with them throughout the week.


Grab your Bible and a journal or a note pad and take notes during the online worship gathering. You can write down quotes, Scripture and concepts that you want to refer back to later. Many people find this helps them stay focused – and since we’ve already talked about distractions…


Video & Audio

  • Watch on any iPhone or Android phone or tablet, any laptop or desktop computer, or play on any TV enabled with Airplay or Chromecast, or using your preferred streaming platform.
  • Worship confidently. Make sure you can make it loud enough without hurting your ears or bugging your neighbors. This is the one worship environment where you get to control the volume! But make it loud enough that you and the people in the room with you are comfortable singing out.

Common Technical Difficulties

  • You are logged on but don’t see the stream. The stream starts approximately 20 minutes prior to the service time, so it is not accessible 24/7. We want to provide an experience that we are all having together in separate locations. Staying connected with each other is critical and this helps with that.
  • You are seeing people talk in the chat but the service isn’t playing and it’s past start time. Your browser may be preventing the live stream to interrupt the session you are in. Simply REFRESH your screen.
  • You can access the stream on your device, but can’t get it to work on Chromecast or Apple Airplay, etc. The most common cause of this issue is that your phone, iPad or tablet is on a different wifi network (or not connected to wifi) than the device you are trying to cast to. For example, if your TV is connected to your home wifi, but your phone is using data, you will not be able to airplay your phone info to the TV.