Children’s Hope Chest

HopeChest develops highly relational, Community-to-Community partnerships between communities in North America and communities of orphaned and vulnerable children in eight countries. They believe the most transformational, holistic, sustainable, and long-term change occurs when one community partners with another. HopeChest currently has partnerships in Russia, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Uganda, Guatemala, Moldova, India, and the United States. For more information, check out their website.

Chris and LaChanda Roark

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chris and LaChanda Roark run the English center of a local Thai Church. Thailand is predominantly Buddhist and only about 0.7% Christian. Through teaching English, the Roarks share Christ’s love with the Thai people and encourage new believers to enter the church.

International Cooperating Ministries

La Croix partners with ICM , a trans-denominational, evangelical Christian ministry, who partners with indigenous ministries to equip local churches with two vital resources: a permanent church building and practical discipleship tools for oral learners. ICM works in over 120 countries, building new churches training pastors and leaders in a mini-Bible College.

Jim and Virginia Vinton

Jim is a Translation Consultant, who does the final checking on translated books of the Bible. He travels to Africa several times each year, as well as working remotely with translation teams by internet. Virginia is a writer/editor. She writes publications aimed at funding projects that directly speed the progress of Bible translation worldwide. These projects that are difficult for translators to fund out of their own pockets.

John and Meagan

Suhareke, Kosovo

John and Meagan live in Suhareke, Kosovo and work for a local NGO called Kosovo Hope. Albanians in Kosovo have a long history of being oppressed by other people groups and only recently gained their independence. Because of this difficult history and current ethnic and religious tensions in the area, Kosovo Hope’s vision is to see bridges of peace, trust, and hope in the Balkans . For more information, email John and Meagan.

Ken and Amber VanWinkle

Heart for Africa

Heart for Africa Swaziland is a humanitarian movement that mobilizes volunteers from various nations to achieve enduring solutions in relation to hunger and food security, orphans and vulnerable children, poverty alleviation, and AIDS prevention and care. Be sure to check out the VanWinkle’s blog. For more information about Heart for Africa, check out their website.

Nicoadala UMC

Mozambique, Africa

As part of La Croix’s covenant relationship with Nicoadala UMC in Northern Mozambique, we provide support through prayer, encouragement, and finances to cover portions of ministry happening in Nicoadala and surrounding villages. La Croix teams visited to build relationships and celebrate the dedication of the new sanctuary, a building that La Croix helped fund.

New Life Children’s Home

Villa Nueva, Guatemala

New Life Children’s Home provides a safe home to orphaned, abandoned and abused children. At the home, their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met by a caring staff. Special attention is given to introducing the children to Jesus Christ and his healing love. Directors Kendon & Wendy Wheeler have served for over 25 years. For more information, check out their website.

Seeds of Dignity


Seeds of Dignity works with faith-based partners to help under-resourced Filipinos break out of the long-term bondage of poverty, both physical and spiritual. Seeds of Dignity is involved in educational scholarships, feeding programs, livelihood projects, water and sanitation projects, clothing and literature distribution, medical surgeries and prosthesis, church planting, and other projects. For more information, check out their website.

Rob and Kristy Mehner


The Mehners will be serving the leaders, staff and children of New Life Children’s Home and New Life Advance International. Rob will be serving as the Director of NLAI’s School of Mission, equipping leaders and providing pastoral care. Kristy will be serving NLCH, providing tutoring, administrative assistance and hosting visiting teams. Check out their blog for more information.

Well of Hope Carepoint

Children's HopeChest

Children’s HopeChest connects Christian communities with impoverished communities of orphans overseas. Through HopeChest, La Croix partners with Timbutini-Well of Hope CarePoint in eSwatini. The CarePoint exists to support and sustain the needs of a local church and community caring for over 200 kids, providing food, discipleship, and education assistance. For more information, check out their website.