Where we started

In 1988, La Croix held our first worship experience in a theatre in West Park Mall. In 1995, we moved to our current location on Lexington Avenue.

Today, La Croix is a dynamic, Christ-centered church averaging nearly 2,300 in weekly attendance.

The first 25 years were amazing!

And although there was much to celebrate, after 25 years we recognized the inherent risk of becoming complacent. A risk we weren’t willing to take. So, through fasting, prayers, small group curriculum, message series and lots of research, we regrouped with a new vision for the next 25 years.

The Next 25

man lifting hands in adoration

A People


A Church

volunteer tutor with Jefferson student

A World

A People Prepared

We will be equipped and spiritually empowered to impact our world.

  • ALL IN
    Every follower of Jesus must take responsibility for their own spiritual maturity. We will equip our people for growth and relentlessly challenge them to full devotion to Jesus Christ.
    Children are best discipled by their parents. We will leverage our structure, programs and events to equip adults for spiritual leadership of their families.
    Every disciple of Jesus Christ makes disciples:
    We will equip and relentlessly challenge our people to make disciples of those who are spiritually younger.
    Lost people matter to Jesus and to anyone who is serious about following him. We will equip our people to tell their story and God’s story, and challenge them to create genuine relationships with those far from God.

A Church Unleashed

We will do whatever it takes to reach people far from God.

  • 3102 LEXINGTON
    We will maximize structure, practices, programs and facilities at 3102 Lexington to reach lost people more effectively.
    We will look at wholehearted followers of Jesus in our congregation and discover, develop and deploy spiritual leaders.
    God’s will is that none be lost and so is ours. We will pursue opportunities for multi-site, church plants and resourcing partner churches to reach lost people who would not come to 3102 Lexington.
    We will send equipped disciples into our communities and the world to reach people who would never come to a church. We will be intentional about developing relationships with unchurched individuals.

A World Transformed

We will throw our lives into God’s mission to redeem the world.

    God’s people love their neighbors as themselves.
    Our people will build relationships with the under-resourced in our communities through events, programs and ongoing interactions.
    Jesus sends his disciples to the ends of the earth.
    Our community of faith will raise up, send, and partner with long-term missionaries around the world.
    God’s word repeatedly commands us to care for children and orphans. Our people will tangibly love children through adoption, foster-care, raising awareness and supporting those who provide direct care.