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Ministry does not happen without committed volunteers like you!

Volunteer Opportunities

There are multiple ways to get involved in an area you are passionate about. Unsure about your spiritual gifts and what type of service would be best for you? Take the spiritual gifts assessment!

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The gift of administration allows a person to organize people and resources for greater efficiency, effectiveness and success. They have the natural ability to apply resources where they will do the greatest good; they are good with details and are deeply aware of how all the parts of a group or organization work together to achieve their goals.

Administration Opportunities

Care Vols


The gift of compassion moves people to action on behalf of those in need. Compassion is not a simple caring about others, but such a radical caring that we have no choice but to make sacrifices to care for others.

Care Opportunities

Hosp Vol


While not everyone feels comfortable at the helm of an event, some have a natural talent for making guests feel special. Those with the gift of hospitality work hard to make others feel valued and welcome.

Hospitality Opportunities


Kid’s Ministry

Kids ministry brings the truth of the gospel to kids where they are; kids go home with questions, stories, and lessons they learned. An effective Kid’s Ministry sparks conversations at home, and this challenges and encourages the whole family.

Kid’s Ministry Opportunities

students vols

Student Ministry

In a few years students in our Student Ministries will be leading in their workplaces, in their churches and in their communities. Helping youth to grow spiritually in their formative years will set them up to make an impact for Christ both now and in their future.

Student Ministry Opportunities

Tech Vol


As technology advances and is integrated into our daily lives more and more, it is vital that we move with it. From providing stories through video to making sure that everyone has access to the weekend experience, these tech positions are vital to the mission of the church.

Technical Opportunities

Creative Vols


God, the creator of the universe, created us in his image. We use our creative gifting(s) to tell the stories that speak of God’s character to touch the emotions and minds of the La Croix community.

Creative Opportunities


If you don’t see anything that looks like a fit for you, simply email Sarah and she will help you get plugged in!